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Clancy Vol. Fire Dept. Monthly Business Meeting - August 2011

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Clancy Volunteer Fire Department Business Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 7:30pm

Treasurer’s Report:

County $63,362.07

MTC $685.70

CD $8,997.61

Capital Improvement $1.48

Total = $73,046.86

Bert reported the truck payment and hall payment were the only large expenditures from the County Account. Per Jefferson County's request, Bert faxed in the Clancy VFD budget.

Chief’s Report:

Five incidents in July and August 1:
○ July 10: Sheep Mtn. Main Road. Folf of July Fire. Mike, Bob, Pat, Chad, and Chris responded. DNRC and Forest Service #22 also both showed up
○ July 11: 31 Hanging Tree Gulch. Medical Assist. Moving patient for Eagle Ambulance. Chick, Bob, Doug, Mike, Jason J, and Greg responded
○ July 17: 2 Forest Park Drive. Medical Assist. CPR in Progress, Eagle Ambulance crew needed a driver. Mike, Bob, Jason J, Pat,and Greg responded. Mt City F-21 already on scene assisting Eagle Ambulance 8 crew
○ July 31: SkyTop Ranch. Single tree lighting strike. Jason G, Derek, Bert, Nic, and Chad responded
○ August 1: 50 Whitetail Lane. Controlled Burn. Chad and MT City F53 both responded


Truck Report:

Structure One = Good but no first aid kit
Structure Two = Good
Structure Three = Bert moved that CVFD donate Structure 3 to Gruber Excavating. Wayne seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.
Brush One = Good
Brush Two = Good
Brush Three = Good
Tender One = No Report
Tender Two = Good
Wayne suggested Clancy VFD inventory each brush truck at the beginning of the Wildland Fire Season


Training Officer’s Report:

○ The August 10th supplemental training will be going through all the Brush trucks more thoroughly to even their compliments and review needs
○ Truck Operations are scheduled for August 17th
○ September will be drivers training


Equipment Officer’s Report:

○ Bob will procure a first aid kit for Structure One
○ Bob will go through the brush truck wish list and combine info from the supplemental training being conducted on August 10th


Internet/Web Page Report:

Chick contacted Qwest to get DSL pricing. Adding the service would add $22 to $27 per month depending upon speed. Cutthroat's lower speed was quoted at $37 per month and is equivalent to the $22 service from Qwest. Cutthroat did not have a faster equivalent. Chick recommended and it was generally agreed that Clancy VFD not pursue the Internet at this time because of the lack of a return on investment.


Truck Committee Report:

Bill found a GSA Auction with a 1999 Ford Brush Truck available. It was generally agreed that members would keep an eye out for a replacement for Brush One. Wayne will look into BLM options later in the year. No action was taken

Old Business:

○ Bob looked into pricing for new fire shelters. Cost would be $310 to $353 per fire shelter for personnel under 6'2” depending upon the source. Pat reiterated that Clancy VFD personnel should never be in a position to have to deploy. Bill believed that a better use of funds would be to invest in other PPE. No action was taken
○ Nic found a student organization to mow the grounds at the Clancy VFD Main Station. Bert moved that Clancy VFD pay $30.00 per mowing to be paid at the end of the season with Nic keeping track of the time. Doug seconded. The motion passed unanimously


New Business:

• Chick reported that the Clancy VFD has had fewer calls year to date than last year by this time
• Bob wanted to have a training with the Eagle Ambulance service because of the increase in calls for mutual aid assistance from their crews
• Chuck Mazurek (Guest of Clancy VFD) suggested that we make sure we are listed as additional insured under the ambulance's insurance. Bert will follow up
• Pat traded for some patches with the fire departments in Arizona during the recent wildfires down there
• Pat has been strenuously negotiating with the GIS to clarify the mapping needs of the district. Pat will meet with GIS to continue to relay those needs and attempt to determine their method of cartography
Pat wanted to revisit the possibility of establishing a water management officer to keep track of fittings, dry hydrant needs/concerns in the district, etc.
• Nic will provide roster of Clancy VFD personnel to Boulder Sheriff Dispatch for update purposes
• Bob will procure green vests for highway operations conducted by Clancy VFD personnel
• Bob will procure green vests for highway operations conducted by Clancy VFD personnel
• 2 or 3 Clancy VFD personnel need FF1 training
• Discussion was held regarding clarification of a donation for the group that procured the bouncy house for Clancy Days. Bert will follow up with Cami Robson
• Pat requested that Clancy VFD send a thank you note to DNRC for their help during flood operations

Meeting adjourned at 9:35 pm