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More To It Than Just Driving the Trucks

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Many people served by the Clancy Volunteer Fire Department don’t realize the dedication the volunteers give to the organization. For many folks, the only time you see the fire department working is at the Clancy Days Parade, and of course, if you have a need for their firefighting services. Many do not realize the commitment a volunteer makes in the way of training and community service work. To maintain active status in the department, a member must successfully complete a minimum of thirty hours of fire-related training each year. The photos accompanying this text show two of our newest fire fighters, Mike Goehring and Doug Dodge participating in “Confined-Area Training”. Mike and Doug completed nearly one-hundred hours each, last year.

Doug Dodge Closed Area Trng.

Mike Goehring cloased Area Trng

Firefighters Doug Dodge and Mike Goehring in 'Confined Area' Training

Common sense dictates that anyone responding to a fire have some knowledge in the techniques and equipment used to extinguish fires safely. It also makes sense to have some training and experience in situational events, such as the Confined-Area Training. Every fireman hopes never to have to use this information, but tries to be ready for as many events as possible. Because when you do require their services, you want to be confident the firemen are ready for your specific situation.

Mike and Doug are also providing excellent examples of the community spirit and service of the department. They both helped many other CVFD members in the organization and production of a very successful “Clancy Days” event this year. Each member contributed his own time and specialized talents, and their efforts were rewarded with an excellent turnout, and a successful fund raising campaign for the Friends of the North Jefferson County Library and the fire department.

The times the firefighters and equipment are most often seen are during the annual parade in Clancy, and responding to the calls. The devotion and commitment of the volunteers of the Clancy Volunteer Fire Department may not always be visible, but you can rely on them being ready for the community.