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Clancy Volunteer Fire Department Business Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

7:31 PM

Roll Call:

February Meeting Roll Call

Treasurer’s Report:







Capital Improvement


Total = $79,652.40

Bert was unable to attend -no new update. Greg provided update that the main expense in February is fees related to worker's compensation.

Chief’s Report:

Two incidents to report:

○ January 29th, 2012: 40 North Main in Jefferson City. Mutual aid request to respond to a chimney fire and supply our thermal imager to make certain extent of fire was understood by Jefferson City VFD personnel. Chad, Jason Gilliland, Greg, Bob, and Jason Johnson all responded

○ January 30th, 2012: 50 Wendel Lane in Clancy. Chimney fire which was extinguished upon arrival by homeowner. Thermal imager utilized to make sure no extension of fire into the structure occurred. Mike, Chick, Jason Gilliland, Bob, Jason Johnson, Cody, Greg, Chad, and Sam all responded

Pat (standing in for Chad) distributed the incident count per member report as well as the NFIRS reports which Chick continues to maintain. The importance of providing as many details as possible to make Chick's job easier was emphasized to CVFD members
The OSHA newsletter was distributed for review by membership

Truck Report:

Structure One = Good. SCBA tanks are being rotated and filled after hydro testing is completed
Structure Two = Good
Brush One = Good
Brush Two = Retired for winter but looking ok
Brush Three = Good
Tender One = Good
Tender Two = Good


Training Officer’s Report:

Firefighter 1 training is underway and going well.

SCBA drills and PPE drills will occur during the February training. Tool of the month is thermal imager.
Helicopter Operation Training by DNRC was reported to most likely not occur again in Jefferson County due to funding issues.
FireSafe Montana is hosting the 4th Bi Annual Communities and Wildfire Conference Series. If anyone is interested. More details are available via http://www.firesafemt.org


Equipment Officer’s Report:

Hydro testing continues regarding air tanks. 3 tanks have failed to date (due to expiration date). Suggestion made by Equipment Officer to focus on aluminum tanks with no spun wan be procured given longevity (provided they are hydro tested as needed)
Bunker gear was donated to Elk Park VFD which will help them out

○ The chimney powder fire container was located so additional chimney bombs can be made

○ Request was made to procure cleats for the bottom of structure boots for winter operations

President’s Report:

Nothing to report

Internet/Web Page Report:

Nothing to report

Truck Committee Report:

New brush truck is being worked on currently. Price for painting truck has been requested from vendors. Bert is working on estimates and details for the slide-on unit.

Old Business:

Joe raised his issues with the new burn permit system and provided the following list of questions (note these are verbatim per list supplied by Joe Calnan):

- Are any Jeff Co FD's using it right now?

- What is the initial fee proposed to be?

- Who set the BP fee?

- Who can change the BP fee?

- Who gets the $$ from the BP fee?

- Who is gonna enter the Lat/Long info?

○ People burning without a BP?

○ People failing to activate a BP?

○ People have a BP but no one (dispatcher) told us about it?

○ Enforcement -who is gonna enforce the BP requirement?

- How is this gonna solve the problems we have had in the past:

- How will the system accommodate the people without a computer or who are not acclimated to computers?

- How will persons pay for the on-line BP's if they don't have or don't want to use a credit card?

○ Will they look for BP's automatically on every 9-1-1 fire call?

○ How long will it take them to retrieve it when the 9-1-1 call come in?

○ Will they have it available in front of them as they page/dispatch?

- Can we (FD's) expect the JCSO/Dispatcher to give us all the info they have when they dispatch us to a fire call involving BP:

- We have heard that the JC mapping system is in disarray right now -is any of this automated system going to incorporate the JC mapping system?

- Is is gonna inadvertently or un-intendedly result in a tendency for the JCSO -either dispatchers and/or Officers in the field to "check-out" or "screen" 9-1-1 fire calls resulting in them making the "page/respond" or "do-not-page" decisions?

- In the efforts of the JCounty to keep taxes low, isn't this an effort to go to a "user fee based system" which possibly shift the cost and subsidizes the JCSO?

- How does the automated system interface with DEQ's requirements?

- What's gonna happen if someone tries to buy a BP on/after December 1st or before March 1st?

○ Is the JC system designed and ready to install right now?

○ Who has to review the proposal and approve/modify/disapprove before it become operable?

- Where do things stand right now?

- Who will be able to access the JC system and tweak it or make changes at the outset and as time/experience progresses?

- What happens if some of the JC FD's do not adopt the system?

Some of Joe's questions remain unanswered.
The next topic was the fire departments relationship with our trustees. The FSA for Clancy VFD consists of three trustees currently, however five trustees are required. The differences regarding the Montana Code Annotated and the Montana Volunteer Firefighters Compensation Act were noted by Joe specific to retired firefighters and active retired firefighters. Joe requested that his name and Bill Gruber's be added to the organization chart and the training roster.
Suggestion made to review our department by-laws given the new laws, rules, and regulations specific to active retired firefighters

New Business:

• St. Baldrick's event is scheduled for Saturday, April 14th. All interested members encouraged to sign up under the Clancy VFD Team established by Sam Mitchell
• Review of SOG's needs to occur by officers before they are posted on our website for members-only
• Pat relayed the Fire Council Meeting minutes regarding narrow banding of all radios. Jefferson County Sheriff's Department isanticipating September as their time frame for completing the change. Given the wildland season will require us to narrow band prior to that timeframe. Current goal is May to complete all narrow banding of all radios. Additionally Jefferson City VFD will modify their channel settings to reflect both Clancy VFD and Montana City VFD. The Tan frequency for ground-to-air / air-to-ground medical (replacement for the White frequency which is used by ambulances direct to hospitals). Pat has the book of allthe new frequencies. Another item that the Jefferson County Sheriff is considering is enabling the North Fire Command frequency to all of Jefferson County. If that occurs tone guards will need to be established to avoid each area from hearing each other's traffic
• Joe brought up the smoke detector program and the need to reinstitute the program within the department
• Bob raised concern about the system being used by Jefferson City VFD with regard to their apparatus names which was just heard during a mutual aid response on January 29th. Pat will talk to Bud with regard to what the naming convention is and whyit is being used?
• Question raised by Doug with regard to Montana City VFD's new ladder apparatus being deployed. Currently it is believed that the apparatus is heading to Seattle and will be retrieved in some fashion by Montana City VFD personnel
• Clancy VFD Annual Appreciation Dinner will the weekend after Easter. Greg requested a point person to run with all the arrangements. Mike, Jason Johnson, Pat, and Greg will help with the committee however a point person is still required
• Pat is sending a letter to the Forest Service regarding the decommissioning effort underway. Clancy VFD will support Pat's letter

Meeting adjourned at 9:22 pm