Tuesday Jun 25


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Clancy Graduates

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Congratulations to the Clancy VFD Firefighters who recently completed "Fire Fighter 1" Training.

FF1 Training

The Clancy Volunteer Fire Department proudly recognizes Jason Gilliland, Chris Kiser and Sam Mitchell for successfully completing Fire Fighter 1 training. This is "basic training", and is one of the most intense courses a fire fighter encounters. This 30 hour course held over the last several weekends at various locations demonstrates the various techniques, tactics and strategies in fighting structural and wild land fires. Everything from ICS, situational awareness, tactical communications, vehicle positioning, SCBA's, even tying knots is covered in the course. Trainees receive classroom instruction from several subject matter experts, and are then required to suit up and demonstrate their understanding of the materials by executing practice drills. Pictured above, trainees are practicing second-story rescues, using the skills learned for ladder and personnel positioning, and SCBA use. This drill involves a model structure with simulated smoke conditions, and a 'victim' on the second floor who must be located and safely extracted from the building down the ladder.


FF1 Training

To the right, a fire fighter trainee is shown entering the smoke-filled structure to begin the rescue attempt. Note the positioning of the team near the ladder, and the radio man maintaining constant communications with the team entering the building. Typically, a team of three fire fighters would perform the entry, with another three-man team standing by as a 'Rapid Intervention Team' (RIT). The entry team consists of the front person operating the nozzle and performing the search, while the second team member guides the fully-charged hose. The third team member assists with hose control, and also performs the radio communications.


Congratulations to Jason, Chris and Sam for this accomplishment. The department is proud of you, and appreciates your service!