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Spring Roundup

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Same Day Service! - May

Clancy Days 2013


The WebMaster has not been doing a lot of updates lately, so in an effort to catch everyone up on the latest Clancy VFD news, here's a brief recap of events so far this year:

  • Burn Regulations: The Jefferson County Commissioners have adopted a resolution pertaining to burning season. This public document will assist local residents with the basic regulations involving burn permits, fees and restrictions. The Clancy Volunteer Fire Department provides this document as a public service, but encourages all residents who wish to burn to contact the local fire authorities before starting any fire. Conditions are always changing, and local fire officials can provide the most up-to-date information to help ensure  safe burn. Thanks to CVFD Assistant Chief Pat McKelvey for providing this document. Click here to see a PDF version.
  • Fire Calls: In January, CVFD assisted Montana City VFD with a fully involved structure fire. CVFD was among many units who responded and helped Paradise Lane - Montana City with this stubborn fire, which was complicated by very cold weather and lack of access to the structure. Fortunately, the house was still under construction, and there were no reported injuries. In mid-February, Clancy fire fighters were pulled away from a training session with several other agencies to respond to a car on fire on the Interstate. The vehicle had struck a deer and then burst into flames. CVFD helped Jefferson City VFD put the fire out. The driver was not hurt.
  • Donation: The San Bernadino County (California) chapter of CERT (Civilian Emergency Response Team) donated a "Mega-Hauler" to the Clancy department. San Bernadino County CERT member Sharron Walker presnted the gift to her brother, CVFD Fire Fighter Chick Bruce. A Mega-Hauler is a lightweight carrier made from canvas straps that can be utilized for carrying injured personnel, equipment or other items. It's small and compact and is stored easily on the truck. The Mega-Hauler has been assigned to the main structure truck, Structure I.
  • Graduates: Three members of the Clancy Volunteer Fire Department graduated in March from "Fire Fighter I" training. The newest members to earn their official CVFD jackets are: Steve Wood, Brian Hattersley and Travis Kimpton. Fire Fighter I training is the most extensive course a volunteer goes through, covering most aspects of fire fighting strategies and techniques. The course began in January, and was held over several nights and weekends during the past few weeks. Congratuations to Steve, Brian and Travis for their accomplishments!

Steve Wood - CVFD Travis-Brian FF I Graduates


  • Newsletter: The department publishes a newsletter for the community four times a year, with a special color version each spring for the Annual Holiday Banquet (traditionally held in March or April). This year's version is nearly complete, so keep watching this web page for details. The department makes an electronic version available when it's been distributed to the rest of the members.


  • 75th Anniversary: Another thing to watch our web site for: in 2014, the Clancy VFD will celebrate its 75th year since its founding in 1939. The meClancy, itself. As part of this historic celebration, CVFD former chief Joe Calnan is writing a history of the department, pulling together official records as well as remembrances of past members.  CVFD will publish many of these pieces on the web site during the next year, so keep watching the web site all year for more details.


75th Anniversary Seal

Many activities going on for the Clancy Volunteer Fire Department this spring as they get ready for another challenging fire season. Please do you part to help us fight fires by using common sense with potential fire causes. Keep brush and trees trimmed and away from structures. Be careful with electrical appliances and heaters. Slow down and give fire fighters room on the highway when they are battling vehicle fires. Use caution when driving off road. Above all, let's have a safe and fun springtime! Thanks for all of your support for the Clancy Volunteer Fire Department!