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Clancy VFD Firefighter of the Year: Bob Johnson


Bob Johnson - CVFD Firefighter of the Year


The Clancy Volunteer Fire Department named thirteen-year member Bob Johnson as its “Firefighter of the Year” at the Annual Firefighter’s Banquet. Bob has thirteen active years with the department, holding several positions within the ranks. Bob has been a past Fire Chief, Business President, and Equipment Officer. He currently is serving a second time as CVFD’s Equipment Officer, and manages and acquires the department’s entire inventory, including tools, supplies and protection gear.

Bob came to the Clancy area twenty-three years ago from Kalamazoo, Michigan. He had never served on a volunteer fire department before becoming a member of Clancy VFD, but like many members, joined to help the community. He recalls one of his first years with the department:  “The fire season of 2000 was my “baptism by fire”. I was a newly elected chief and as most people will remember, it seemed that everything in the county was burning. I learned what living in a small community was all about. The support was overwhelming from the people, local business, and fellow firefighters. I wouldn’t care to have a repeat of 2000 but glad that I was able to experience it.”

He’s been married to Sue – who works at Clancy Elementary School – for twenty-three years, and has two sons, Cody and Jason. Cody recently graduated from Montana Tech as an Environmental Engineer. Jason is working a summer job with the Montana DNRC, attends classes at UofM-Helena, and is also an active member in the Clancy VFD. Like most fire fighters, Bob loves the outdoors, and takes time for hunting and fishing. His main pastime, though, is what he described as “my mid-life crisis of running”. Bob has competed in sixteen full marathons and four Ultra-50K races. He recently ran in this year’s Governor’s Cup Race in Helena.

During this year’s Annual Fire Fighter’s Banquet, Chief Parks gave a recap of a busy past year, and thanked all of the members for their service. He especially singled the wives who were in attendance, presenting a traditional rose to each of them and recognizing their contributions to the department’s efforts in keeping the community safe. He also announced that because there were no qualifiers this year, CVFD did not award the traditional “Rookie of the Year” designation. This year’s banquet was held at the Marks Ranch in Clancy in early May.