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Merry Christmas from the Clancy Volunteer Fire Dept

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End of the Year Update

The Clancy VFD Web Master apologizes to our visitors for the lack of updates recently. After the first of the year, I'll try to get some articles up, including annual fire call statistics. Meanwhile, here are some quick news items to fill everyone in on CVFD activities during the past few months:

Clancy VFD reluctantly agrees to use numeric code identification system: Breaking with years of tradition, the Clancy Volunteer Fire Department agreed to adopt a numeric identification system for emergency vehicles. For many years, responding vehicles were identified over the radio with consistent "normal names" - for instance, "Clancy Structure I". In the new system, Structure I would be identified as a numeric code that reflects the vehicle type, county fire department, and station number. By adopting this plan, Clancy VFD complies with all other Jefferson County Volunteer departments. During the Fire Council meeting in the fall, Clancy was the only county department that voted to not use the system. After a discussion at the November Business Meeting that included concerns about practicality, safety and ability to effectively communicate during crisis, fire fighters agreed to use the new system on a split vote. (Note to Clancy Fire Fighters: I will post the numeric codes on this site in the "Members" area soon.)

Fire Fighter Injured Working a Vehicle Accident: A Clancy Volunteer Fire Fighter was injured while responding to a vehicle vs. deer collision in November. As he approached accident scene, fire fighter Chick Bruce inadvertently stepped off a bridge abutment and fell 8-10 feet down into Prickly Pear Creek. Mr. Bruce suffered a broken ankle and fracture to his leg. He is expected to make a full recovery over the next few weeks. The vehicle accident itself produced two injured victims. The vehicle traveling on Interstate-15 in the late evening swerved to miss a deer, over-corrected, and ended up rolling over and stopping in the median overturned. The driver and passenger were extricated through the back window of the vehicle by Clancy and Montana City fire fighters. Both victims suffered injuries and were transported by ambulance from the scene. This incident is a very good reminder to all of us on the highways this winter to expect the unexpected and use extra care while driving on icy, snowy, dark roads.

The Clancy Fire Department invites everyone to visit their FaceBook page and give us a Thumbs-Up! You can find them here: http://www.facebook.com/ClancyVFD. The FaceBook page is maintained by fire fighter Jason Johnson, who has been doing a great job keeping up to date information posted for the whole community. While you are there, be sure to click the link to help sponsor Jason as he competes in the "Scott Stair Climb" in Seattle next March. The stair climb is an endurance event designed for fire fighters and other first responders testing their ability to climb building stairs covering over 60 floors while in full protective gear including SCBA (air tanks). The event raises funds to assist victims of leukemia and lymphoma. Check out the page and give your support to Jason and to this excellent event.

Clancy VFD is actively involved in celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the founding of the department in 2014. Retired Clancy fireman Joe Calnan is organizing events and materials to raise awareness of this historic event. Joe is actively seeking pictures and documents from Clancy's history to add to this project. If you have fire-related or other historical information you'd like to share, please contact Joe by calling the Main Fire Hall at 933-5540.

For the past few years, Clancy VFD has helped underwrite local radio broadcasts of Jefferson High School sports and entertainment events. CVFD would like to recognize the Panther's Girls Volleyball and Boys Football teams for advancing to the state finals in their sports. The girls finished their season at the State Tournament in Bozeman, and the boys advanced all the way to the state semi-finals in football (first time in their history!) and finished third overall in State Class B. Congratulations to both teams for jobs well done. The next radio broadcast is scheduled for December 17th, when the annual "Christmas Band & Choir Concert" will be presented on local Jefferson County DES stations, and streamed on the internet at www.streamingaudiosolutions.com.

Don't forget that even though we made through another wild land fire season pretty well that new fire danger awaits with the winter settling in. Be extra safe this year with holiday decorations, extension cords, and portable heaters. Make sure you keep your Christmas tree watered and green and away from furnace registers and other heat sources.  Don't overload electrical outlets. Make sure candles are never left unattended, and that decorations on fire place mantles do not get near flames. Most of all, have a fun, safe and enjoyable holiday season!