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Monthly Meeting Recap

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Clancy Volunteer Fire Department Monthly Business Meeting

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

7:33 PM

Bert Obert, Treasurer of CVFD, was not present at the meeting to provide an updated Treasurer's Report.

Chief’s Report:

Nothing to report given no calls in March to CVFD.
April 19th is the Fire Council Meeting at Clancy Main Hall
April 24th is the Easter Egg Hunt
Rock chips are going to be stored in front of Clancy Main Hall with a donation to CVFD expected. Bill Gruber suggested we getRiverside (outfit storing the chips) to resurface the front of the hall in lieu of the donation
Nic is going to be out of town from April 18th until the end of August, being in town on weekends only
Saint Baldrick's is April 16th. Nic requested everyone go online and join the team via http://www.stbaldricks.org

Truck Report:

Structure One = Good
Structure Two = Good
Structure Three = Good
Brush One = Good. Chad reported that a new distributor is NOT available for the model of the Brush One truck, so anytime thetruck doesn't start, please call Montana City Auto Repair so they can diagnose and fix whatever is causing the issue
Brush Two = Good -rear tires need air
Tender One = Good
Tender Two = Good. Chad reported that whoever parks the Tender back in the Hanging Tree Station needs to make certain the keyis turned to OFF rather than left in the auxiliary position

Training Officer’s Report:

Pat McKelvey, Training Officer for CVFD, was not present at the meeting. Greg Robson reported for Pat that training in April will be truck training, with emphasis on tender drafting, and tool of the month will be handled by Jason Johnson.
Training in May will be Standards of Survival conducted by DNRC for CVFD.
May 4th will be a course on the affect of the beetle kill on fire behavior and will be held at the Red Lion Colonial in Helena.
A pack test will be conducted during a weekend in May in conjunction with Montana City VFD.
June 16th or 17th (date needs to be confirmed) will be propane training using a propane trailer provided by Heritage Propane.

Equipment Officer’s Report:

Flashlights have been procured for both Tenders as well as the Brush trucks. Bob Johnson, CVFD Equipment Officer, demonstrated how the handle on each flashlight can be adjusted, as well as showing how the locking mechanism for the switch for the dual bulb configuration in each flashlight works. Care needs to be taken to unlock the switch prior to turning the flashlight on to avoid damaging the switch mechanism.

President’s Report:

Greg Robson, CVFD President, reported that Clancy Days is scheduled for June 18th. The CVFD Fireman's Muster will require volunteers from CVFD to help Greg on that Saturday. Steve Marks suggested that a branding effort be conducted to educate the public about the event so people get it on their calendars now. Marks Lumber is willing to provide funds to support such an effort, however volunteers are needed to assist with leading creation of a branding effort. Ed Dawes suggested notice be posted on CVFD website. Chick offered to do so in addition to talking to Sally Buckles to provide public service announcements approximately a month ahead of the event. Tuesday, April 12th, at 7:30 pm was offered up as an initial meeting at CVFD Main Hall for folks interested in discussing next steps.
Annual CVFD Banquet date remains undetermined at this time. Suggestion was made to cancel the banquet for 2011. Bill Gruber notified everyone that the Banquet Committee will meet on Monday, April 11th, to determine either a date (currently the only member known to not be able make it on April 16th is Bert Obert) or cancel the event altogether. Results will be sent to all members.

Internet/Web Page Report:

Chick reported that significant changes have been made to the website. The Members Only section is now fixed and activated, so members need to update their login information. The calendar has been updated for 2011. The graphics are being corrected and photos added to the website.
Chick requested that anyone with FAQ updates to send the information to him. Additionally the request was made to link our site to the North Jefferson Fire Council.
Suggestion was made to look into how Clancy VFD members can broadcast an email to all fellow members via their clancyvfd.org email addresses. Chick will investigate and report back his findings.
Chick also noted that a DSL representative is not available until April 12th to look into getting DSL into the Main Hall of CVFD.

Old Business:

No old business

New Business:

Chad let everyone know that for $150.00 per truck, Capital Communications is ready to complete the radio installations in allthe trucks on Tuesday, April 11th. Green light was given by Nic to proceed with radio upgrades.
Ed Dawes asked if any live fire burning will be occurring so he can take photos. Nothing currently scheduled, but when it is Ed needs to be notified.
Chad let everyone know the air compressor in the Hanging Tree Station is no longer working and needs to be replaced. Bill made everyone aware that Tender 2 needs to be running for a while to get the air pressure at the correct amount for the brakes to disengage given the compressor issue.
Greg notified everyone that Pat needs to use the hall on April 28th. No objections raised
Meeting adjourned at 8:49 pm