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Newest Jefferson County Firefighters


Firefighting Graduates - 2011

Congratulations to the newest Jefferson County graduates of "Fire Fighter 1" training which was conducted over the past few weeks, and concluded on March 27. This is one of the more intensive fire fighting courses, covering over thirty hours of material, demonstrations and tests. The course covers nearly all aspects of basic fire fighting, including structure, vehicle and wildland fires, as well as basic life-saving and survival skills. The new graduates are shown posed in front of the 'Burn Trailer', which is the final exam of the training. Inside the trailer, instructors set fire to steel 'furniture' and other household replicas, and trainees enter the burning trailer as if attacking a genuine structure fire.These brave volunteers have earned the respect of their Jefferson County neighbors.

Pictured above Front row, left to right: Ashley Blake, Bud Siderits, Will Dubrul from Jefferson City VFD; Jason Johnson from CVFD; Steve Carey from Bull Mountain VFD

Back row, left to right: Dave Cooper and Jonathan Heslep from Jefferson City VFD; Mike Goehring and Doug Dodge from CVFD; Gyle Nix from Boulder VFD; Dave Mason, FSTS Instructor and Chief of Baxendale VFD

Not pictured are Bob Kunz and George DeMers from Jefferson City VFD

Congratulations and thank you to all of our new county fire fighters!