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Annual Firemans Dinner - 2011

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The Annual Fireman's Dinner for 2011 was held on April 30 at the Montana City Grill. Pat McKelvey and Greg Robson did an excellent job filling in for an absent Chief Bair, and Bert Obert was instrumental in organizing the event.

As Master of Ceremonies, Pat began the evening by introducing Joe Calnan, who - with Pat's assistance - conducted a ceremony to honor the past firefighters of the Clancy Volunteer Fire Department. Joe explained how it had always been a tradition to honor the men who had passed on during the previous year, and to add their names to the hand-operated firefighting pump that had been one of the first pieces of equipment the department had ever acquired. Pat then rang the symbolic bell to toll the memory of the firefighters of the past. The ceremony concluded with the playing of "Amazing Grace" by Beth Foster from the 'Shining Thistle Pipe Band' from Helena.

Events moved on to Pat's acknowledgment of the officer's contributions during the past year, and giving special mention to Bob Johnson for his efforts as Equipment Officer for organizing and maintaining the department's equipment, and to Chick Bruce for his contribution in filing reports to the NFIRS system and with creating and maintaining the department's website.


Clancy Days - June 18

It was then time for the annual awards ceremony, which Greg Robson conducted. This year, three new firefighters received their formal certifications and earned their department jackets: Jason Johnson, Mike Goehring and Doug Dodge. (See further details on their training accomplishment on this site's News Section). Each man was honored for his achievement. Then, Mike received the additional honor of being selected "Rookie of the Year". Pat provided details of why Mike had been selected, explaining that Mike helped pursue a grant that allowed fire departments to acquire and receive training for AED (Automated External Defibrillator) units. Mike's efforts allowed the department to receive four new AED's, which are now installed on the primary trucks, and several members received certified training in their use. Bob Johnson was selected 'Fireman of the Year' for his work in getting control of the department's equipment inventory, organizing the assets, and researching and acquiring new and replacement equipment. In a special citation, former Clancy VFD Chief Brent Farrell was acknowledged for being selected 'Fireman of the Year' the the Montana American Legion.

Bert Obert concluded the ceremonies by giving each one of the firefighter's wives a rose as an expression of gratitude for their contributions. As Bert noted, each time a firefighter makes the sacrifice to go on a call, the women and families who stay at home sacrifice a little, as well. It is a tradition of the Clancy Volunteer Fire Department to acknowledge those sacrifices made by all.

The evening proceeded with a door prize give away, and an excellent dinner of Prime Rib, Chicken Picata, Broiled Halibut, and Baby Back Ribs maranaded in huckleberry sauce provided by the always fantastic Montana City Grill.



Pat McKelvey served as "Master of Ceremonies" for the Annual Firefighters Dinner held at the Montana City Grill on Saturday, April 30.














Below, Joe Calnan leads a ceremony to remember the firefighters who are no longer with us.





The "Remembrance  Ceremony" was concluded with Beth Foster of 'The Shining Thistle Pipe Band' playing "Amazing Grace".

Amazing Grace



Everyone congratulates the newest firefighters to complete their basic training. Shown below, Jason Johnson, Doug Dodge and Mike Goehring.


Jason Johnson FF1



Doug Dodge Recognition

Mike Goehring Recognition
































Mike Goehring was honored with the "Rookie of the Year" award for his efforts in providing the department with new AED's and training on the devices. Greg Robson made the award presentation.

Mike Goehring - Rookie of the Year


Bob Johnson was selected 'Fireman of the Year' for theClancy Volunteer Fire Department. Bob took over duties as the Equipment Officer last year, and made enormous efforts in cataloging and inventorying the department's equipment and assets. His work is greatly appreciated by all of the members. Bob Johnson - Firefighter of the Year













Former Clancy VFD Chief Brent Farrell was honored for being recognized as 'Fireman of the Year', selected by the Montana Chapter of the American Legion.

Brent Farrell - Fireman of the Year


The banquet was attended by the youngest member, as well as the most experienced firefighter in the department. Below, Jason Johnson and Bob Marks. Jason is a second-generation firefighter, following in his dad's footsteps. Bob is also a second generation firefighter; his father helped found the department back in the 1930's, and Bob's son Steve and grandson Cody are both active members of Clancy VFD.

Jason Johnson and Bob Marks