Tuesday Jun 25


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Truck Committee Settles On Bid

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The Clancy Volunteer Firefighters held their monthly business meeting Wednesday night. The CVFD members elected new officers to serve for two years. Chief Brent Farrell was re-elected Chief for the fifth consecutive time. His first declaration as new Chief was to appoint Nic Bair as Assistant Chief. Chief Farrell said Nic was an ideal candidate for the Assistant Chief position, and will be a great help to the department in handling several organizational tasks. Also re-elected was Bert Obert, who will continue to serve as the Department Treasurer.

The entire department was pleased to learn the Truck Committee had settled on a bid to do the final structural work and painting on the new department tender. It is hoped the new tender will be put into service before spring.

Chick Bruce reported that he had not devoted full attention to the department website during the past month, but had done some research into the costs of bringing a DSL connection into the main fire hall. Chick also said he had not received the web server donated by the Lewis & Clark County Library yet, but expected to have it within a few days. At Chief Farrell's and Wayne Kedish's request, the department voted to have Chick continue his work in pursuing the website, and their was a good discussion about what content could be included and how the website will benefit the department in recruiting and public awareness.

The department is still grappling with arranging and conducting training exercises, but have implemented some new ideas in the hopes of getting both better turnout for training events, and providing the best possible training curriculum.

Nic Bair wanted to remind everyone that it is time to begin thinking about St. Baldrick's annual fund raising event. Each participant raises pledges, which culminates in a team 'haircut' (shaved head style!) and the pleadge money donated to the St. Baldrick's Children's Cancer Research Center. Please contact the department for more information or to make a pledge. More information on St. Baldrick's can be found here.

The Clancy Volunteer Fire Department is always looking for new members. If you have a desire to learn firefighting and to serve your community, please call 406-933-5540..