Tuesday Jun 25


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Finishing Touches

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The Truck Committee announced the finishing touches have been added to the new tender, and it was ready for service. The truck is a 1975 Peterbuilt 4000, with a 13-speed transmission and was outfitted with a 2500 gallon tank. It is expected the truck will be easier for new members to learn to drive, and will navigate wildland and snow-covered roads better than the old tender. Christened 'Tender II' by the department, the new truck will replace a tender that had been on an extended loan by the state Department of Natural Resources Conservation (DNRC), which also functions as the state fire department. The final touches included reflective striping and a light bar. All members of the department extend their thanks to the truck committee and appreciate their efforts. The committee immediately began work on the next acquisition, another water tender, expected to be put in service late summer or fall.