Thursday May 23


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New Citizen Evacuation Guide

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CVFD Information Officer, Pat McKelvey, proudly distributed copies of a new Citizen Evacuation Guide that was created by the Tri-County FireSafe Working Group. The document is an excellent guide for local residents to assist in developing emergency evacuation plans, then practicing and implementing the plans when fire emergencies occur. Department members took copies to distribute in their local neighborhoods and community meeting centers. The Tri-County FireSafe Working Group is comprised of fire fighters, EMS personnel and law enforcement agencies in Lewis and Clark, Jefferson and Broadwater counties. The group put the plan together after discussions about how previous evacuation efforts have fared. Montana residents legally cannot be forced to evacuate by fire fighters or law enforcement officers, so the group felt providing accurate and easy to follow information would help future efforts. McKelvey said when deputies and fire officials show up at a home they feel needs to be evacuated, residents can be asked if they have a plan in place, or need assistance in evacuating. Those who refuse to follow the guidance and evacuate are asked one follow up question: "Who is your next of kin?"

An electronic copy (PDF) of the Citizen Evacuation Guide and many other interesting fire protection documents can be found at this site: