Thursday May 23


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Monthly Department Meeting

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Attending the monthly department meeting were two guests, both involved in recent firecalls. The first group were the property owners where the department responded on consecutive days to contain and control burning slash piles that spread in moderate winds. The owners were very grateful for the efforts and professionalism of the Clancy Volunteer Firefighters, and expressed their gratitude with a financial contribution to the department, and providing a plate of homemade cookies for the meeting. The second guest was the supervisor of the organization performing the prescribed burn, who stressed that his company had been contracted by the state and US Forest Service to perform these burns, had done many similar type fires in the past, and had taken all precautions to ensure safety and property protection. The unexpectedly high winds, combined with fewer onsite resources contributed to the fires spreading beyond the piles and past fire lines. CVFD had responded and rather than extinguish the fires, dug larger fire lines around each pile and contained the fires. However, they had to respond the next day because the winds had caused embers to jump across the lines and spread to nearby brush. CVFD put the fires out on their second visit. The discussion at the meeting was informative, and stressed both the need to burn the debris piles from the beetle-kill cleanup efforts, but also to plan for unexpected events and weather.